11 октября 2010 г.

D-Funk - Start To Finish Mix Октябрь 2010

Великолепный микс от француза Doug'a Masters’а, известного всем под именем D-Funk. Как и прошлые его работа, это довольно оригинальная и запоминающаяся.

'Start To Finish' mixed by D-Funk (Free 90min DJ Mix) by D*Funk

- Intro
- Yet Again > JPod [CDR]
- Big Kids > D-Funk [Grits N Gravy]
- 'Lost Moinal' > Opiuo (D-Funk Edit) [CDR]
- 'Blow Your Funky Beats' > D-Funk (Slynk Edit) [Booty Pirates]
- 'How We Roll' > Leisur Allstars (Substatic Pork Chop You Don't Stop Mix) [CDR]
- 'All Good' > D-Funk [Grits N Gravy]
- 'The Boss' > D-Funk [Grits N Gravy]
- 'Cool Down' > Busta [Manmade Records]
- Turn Me On' > DJ Wood (Original mix) [Bombastic Jam]
- 'All About The Money' > Agent 86 (Original Mix) [Lightspeed Records]
- 'Turn That Shit Up!' > D-Funk [CDR]
- 'Everytime' > Illest Collective feat Nine Live The Cat (D-Funk Vocal mix) [Roca Records]
- 'Arh Shit' > Super DJ Bobzilla (D-Funk's Swearbox Overload Mix) [Mutate Records]
- 'Crunked Up' > Benga (D-Funk Mix)
- 'Nasty Boy' > Biggie Smalls (Accapella)
- 'Swamp Thing' Cakeboy (Travino Mix) [Mutate Records]
- 'Swamp Thing' > Cakeboy (2010 Mix) [Mutate Records]
- 'Only You' - Meat Katie & Dylan Rhythms (Access Denied Mix) [Lot 49 Records]
- 'Off My Face In 97' > Rogue Robots (D-Funk's Work It Out Mix) [Upstart Music]
- 'Bitchslap' > D-Funk (Original Mix) [Upstart Music]
- 'Feel Good Inc' > Gorillaz (Acapella)
- 'Feel The Pain' > Elite Force [U&A Records]
- 'Feel' > Philly Blunt (D-Funk's More Tech Than Funk Mix) [Upstart Music]
- 'How To Fake Your Own Life' > Adam Freeland (Etienne De Crecy Mix) [Marine Parade]
- 'Sneaky' > Stuff Ya Disco (D-Funk's Riptide Pressure Mix) [Upstart Music]
- 'Spook' > Stuff Ya Disco (Original Mix) [Upstart Music]
- 'X-Static' > B-Phreak (Afgan Headspin Mix) [Dusted Breaks Records]
- 'Where's Huey?' > Specimen A (Dubsteppin Mix) [Funkatech]
- 'Basshead' > Bassnectar (King Fantastic Mix) [CDR]
- 'Hit The Road' > Tom Drummond [Manmade Records]

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